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Naperville School
District 203/204 Computer Redeployment Program

This first of a kind project involves redeploying used notebook computers back to children in need and the Naperville community. In the summer of 2008, members of the Naperville Technology Group, Prager Moving & Storage, school district 203 and 204 staff and teachers, and a team of 15 high school student volunteers undertook a project to reconfigure and deploy computers that were being retired by the school district to help needy children and to recapture better value from the systems. Over a period of about 3 weeks, the volunteer team went through over 700 computers and prepared about 500 that could be redeployed.

As of July 2009, we have taken in almost 2000 additional PC's and notebooks for sale and redeployment back to children in need for the Fall 2009 school year..



those who excel

The CRP Team was recognized on October 24, 2009 by the Illinois State Board of Education, and presented with an Award of Excellence, the highest award in the state at the "Those Who Excel" banquet..


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